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Nawazudding Siddique has a run!: Friday, March 08, 2013

Nawazuddin Siddiqui may have consciously let go of films where he is not the solo hero, but he is definitely an actor who gives new directors the much-needed opportunity. For his film 'Shorts' with director Rohit Pandey, Nawazuddin was accosted by the director who when in Benaras for a shoot, actually chased Nawaz on a rickshaw and boarded it leaving his own, to simply tell Nawaz he wanted to narrate a story.

Nawaz not just listened to the young man's story, but liked his confidence that he consented to shoot for the film.

"It is important that every maker gets an opportunity to showcase his talent on the silver screen. I am merely a means," says Nawazuddin. It is surely this humility that has taken Nawaz places.

The film is about a loner Mehfuz who deals with dead bodies as a profession and how a wandering woman and her demeanor changes his life. Nawaz went out of his way to make the film happen and is now happy it is seeing the light of the day with Shorts.
Source: Times of India
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